Free Discipleship, Church & Leadership Resources

Free, interactive, integrated online experiences with quality content.

Interactive: Using videos, reflection questions, “attend” steps, and online discussions, these experiences are more than just content and instead help people engage and grow.

Integrated: These experiences integrate videos, individual reflection questions, discussion questions, and quality content.

Simple: Each experience allows you as the leader to guide others through a simple, easy pathway.

Leaders: When you create your own group, you become the moderator allowing you to see progress of people in your group, view answers to individual reflection questions, moderate group discussions, invite people to the group, etc.

Contextualize: Most people use these resources “as is”. Want to customize them? Let us know and we’ll make you a “Teacher,” allowing you to delete, re-organize or add content.

Check out some of these free resources


An experience to enhance your church’s membership journey. Create your own group for your church and add your own church history.  This is an excellent way to enhance your live membership class by having member prospects complete this before your membership class.

Spiritual Pathways

CONSIDER THE EXPERIENCE OF JOINING A GYM. From day one, you can work with a physical trainer who assesses your current condition. This gives you a picture of where you are and also points to your potential, with realistic goals of how to get there. Each time you leave the gym, there’s no doubt you’re becoming more physically healthy. In the same way you join a gym to improve your physical health, we encourage you to join a discipleship group to care for your spiritual health.

Emerging Leaders Network

The ELN is leadership development process for younger leaders developed by Phil Stevenson. The goal is to provide accountability, resources, peer-learning and other training opportunities in order to increase the participant’s leadership capacity. This experience is designed for you

We Are Story Tellers

A resource from Village Church, this four-week guide walks participants through developing and confidently sharing their story using an easy outline: Who I was before Christ, how I encountered Christ & who I am now.

Lead Like Wesley

Two centuries ago, John Wesley famously composed ‘Rules of a Helper’ for pastors of his time who would follow in his ministry footsteps. To this day, much wisdom is still gleaned from his leadership principles. In Lead Like Wesley, author Mark Gorveatte devotedly unpacks the heart of each rule, revealing how the timeless truths should no less inform and direct all good Christian leadership in this day and age.

Greater Love

In a world where friending and unfriending is as simple as the click of a button… we need sacred friendship. This study takes a magnifying glass to Jesus’ words in John 15, where Jesus tells his dearest friends, “Greater love has no one than this: than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” NIV

Holiness for Ordinary People

Holiness is not a special category, reserved only for a few select Christians. God intends for every Christian to live a holy life! In simple, practical terms, master teacher Keith Drury explains how every Christian can live a Christ-like life.


Roots is a 12 week small group study developed by Ransom Church (Sioux Falls) that walks you through some of the ancient, foundational teachings of Christianity. We’ve divided these into three categories: the practices, the principles, and the priorities of the Christian faith.

See even more resources at Multipliciter.

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