Incorporating "Live" into Multipliciter

How might you incorporate “live” experiences into Multipliciter? Great question!

In fact, we believe the best use of the platform is a hybrid experience. We’ve discovered having both live and self-paced aspects to your experience provides the best overall impact for those using the platform.

Here are some ways to consider incorporating “Live” elements in your experience.

If you teach people in real-time in the classroom, or by webinar, live video/audio calls, or chat, you can include your live teaching in your Path for your learners to take online. 

Use an Attend step to share a live stream video or call

  1. Add an Attend step to your Path and give it a descriptive title. Select the step to add content.
  2. Use a Text Block to list the details for your event or embed a video in an Embed Block*. Be sure to provide all the information that students will need to join. 
  3. Optionally attach handouts in the Attachments Block, or add a discussion to the step to provide more interaction. 

*All embedded content must be hosted securely under https. 

Tools for live streaming and chat

Here are some popular choices for video:

Those video tools also have live chat built into them. Alternately, you can use a discussion or paragraph Block to take questions before the live session or take follow-up questions after the session. 


Here’s how we incorporated our weekly live demo link into a step in a short course: 

In this example, the live session was streamed from YouTube, and the recording is embedded on the step for learners to view later. Learners posted their questions to the step in advance. 

Below is an example of an Attend step on the Path. This school also uploaded the audio from the class for absentees in the following step. 


Q. Do you have a native live streaming feature?
A. We do not. There are many excellent tools out there (see the list above) that are focused on doing live video streaming well and many people are already familiar with them. These tools can be easily incorporated into your Multipliciter course.

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