Multi-Ethnic Residency

A residency program for those specifically called to multiplying multi-ethnic churches or missional communities

Join a discipleship journey that will equip you to be a mature, equipped and transforming presence in your home, community, work, church and justice causes. This residency is designed for those who seek to build multi-ethnic, kingdom-centered, reconciling churches or missional communities.

Our unique program design brings the quality of school in a personalized, contextual format through our mentor team.


Develop a foundational kingdom understanding and imagination rooted in scripture.


Training adapted to your unique multi-ethnic context.


Expertise, support and guidance from academic, personal and local context mentors


Advance at your own pace.


Develop the knowledge, character and skill needed to be a transforming presence through a multi-ethnic ministry.


Become a mature, healthy, equipped, and passionate disciple with a kingdom-impact in the world in need of justice and reconciliation.


Grow deeper in your faith and move beyond simplistic faith. Embrace the difficult yet rewarding journey of multi-ethnic ministry.


Experience the quality of school in highly personalized and relevant format.

The Mentor Team journeys alongside the resident and uses a framework for guiding and assessing resident learning structured around specific outcomes

Faculty Mentor provides quality, depth, and academic rigor
Personal Mentor brings focus to personal character & calling
Ministry Mentor integrates multi-ethnic ministry, calling and discipleship into unique context


Ideal Resident




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