Multipliciter Pricing

We pay the big bucks to grant you access to a world-class tool for a fraction of the price.

Option 1: Monthly Plans

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Create a private course for free. Once you’re ready to offer a course to students, invite students and the paid plan will start.

Pre-Launch: Free

-1 Course

-Up to 10 members*

Starter: $9/month

-3 courses

-Up to 20 members*

Essentials: $19/month

-5 courses

-Up to 50 members* + 1 course editor3

-Enable cohorts for a course

Complete: $49/month

*Need additional members? All additional members will be billed automatically at $1/member/month. Members include all learners, moderators and/or teachers.

Option 2: Pay-Per-Use Plan

This plan is different than the Monthly plan in that it allows you to only pay as you sell courses. In other words, “We’d love to create a course with you! Let’s worry about payment when you sell it!” It requires

  • A learner-paid course1.
  • Payment on Multipliciter (we process the payment).
  • Multipliciter fee: $2/active user/month. Users include all learners, moderators and Teachers.
    • For one-time payment courses, the # of months will be calculated based on estimated time for user completion. For example: 4-week course = 1 month; 8 week course = 2 month, 1 year course = 12 months.

1Free courses may only be offered under a monthly plan above.

Contact us for more information.

3Course editor: once you have multiple cohorts, the course editor enables one person to edit the “Master” version of the course for all the various cohorts. Course editors are billed at $15/month unless included in the plan.

Active User: An active user is someone who has logged in to the platform at least once during the billing period.

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