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Runway is a custom-designed ministry training experience designed for busy mentors and residents. Developed for flexibility and ease of use, this experience simplifies the process for development so you can focus on learning and mentoring.


Are you ready to be equipped for ministry impact?


Mentored Learning

Content is great. But it can also be overrated. Ultimately, learning comes from reflection upon content and experience. We’ve developed a flexible and intentional process to guide mentored reflection.

Integrated online pathway

We created an integrated, interactive online experience to guide mentored learning in your context. This simple, sleek, easy-to-use pathway provides a one-stop platform so you can focus on mentored growth.

Life Long Learning

We believe in equipping you with the content, character and skills for lifelong ministry faithfulness and impact! By instilling you with a process for mentored ministry, you will develop the capacity for life-long mentored learning in the local church context.

Why Runway

Some residents or churches have the capacity, time and resources to create a large, complicated residency program at their big church. Runway makes it possible for any pastor and any person to enter into a simple, flexible mentored journey

Simple, Easy, Accessible
No complicated launch plan

Many residencies are designed for very specific types of leaders and churches: large, suburban, staff-driven residencies. These are great opportunities but don’t fit most churches or the training needed for the many different types of churches and leaders. Runway is specifically designed to adapt to these churches.

Made for all kinds of churches and leaders.

Runway was specifically designed for churches and leaders who need simple, contextual, and accessible mentored learning.


24 months

The standard pathway is spread out over 24 months to allow enough time for learning without feeling rushed.

8 Modules

8 simple, ministry-related domains to guide you through the many aspects of ministry impact.

2 People

The resident and the mentor working closely together to adapt the journey, reflect on learning and grow.

Starting September 15th, 2021.

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Ready to accelerate your ministry journey?

For only $25/month subscription, you get access to the training, the simple, easy-to-use, accessible, online, integrated, interactive pathway for this residency experience.

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